Commercial Biomass Boiler in Aonachan

Commercial Biomass Boiler in Aonachan

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Commercial Biomass Boiler in Aonachan 

In order to understand why a commercial biomass boiler in Aonachan PH34 4 might be the way forward in terms of providing your business with power, it's important that we look to the past to see why it has become one of the most popular forms of commercial-heating.

There has been increasing coverage in the media of how renewable energy sources need to be implemented if our team - - are to try and reverse the damage that has been done from years of polluting the atmosphere with fossil fuels.

A large amount of the damage has come from industry, whose reliance on coal, natural gas and oil, has pumped an unknowable amount of toxins into the air. The main reasons for this was that it was cheap, readily available, and perhaps most importantly, there wasn't a viable clean alternative.

That has changed drastically in the past thirty years. For a start, availability is starting to decline. There are only so many resources that can be mined and as the stocks are starting to run out, their prices have increased.

The prices of crude oil, natural gas and coal have all increased dramatically making companies seek out cheaper alternatives. The good news for them and the environment is that the cheaper alternative is now also the cleaner alternative too.

Commercial biomass boilers now account for the vast majority of alternative, clean energy supplies and they are available on an industrial scale.

Industrial Biomass Boilers Near Me

Industrial biomass boilers can come in many configurations. They vary drastically in size, output and levels of automation, but the one thing they do have in common is their cost efficiency.

We have a team of local experts nearby you and in surrounding areas who can install industrial boilers closest to your needs and requirements. 

It's worth noting that the initial can installation can be expensive, but once it is installed then you'll start making savings straight away (see below for more detailed information). Installation of a new industrial-sized boiler obviously needs a great deal of consideration.

If your project is a new-build, then this is ideal as it can be factored into the plans with a minimum of disruption. Boilers need a sizeable amount of room for the fuel source, such as wood pellets, to be stored in and if this is being done on an industrial scale then this is even more of an important consideration.

Size and storage issues aside though, an industrial biomass boiler has massive potential to drive your business energy costs right down.

Commercial Biomass Boiler Cost

How much would a commercial biomass boiler cost, then? There are obviously a lot of factors to consider as every commercial venture will have different requirements.

The prices can vary depending on a number of different things - 

The easiest thing to do would be to fill in the form below and let us guide you through the details about what would be suitable for your business.

Once you have your system up and running, you will see the benefits straight away, with your fuel bills potentially being cut by up to 80%.

However, the added bonus with a commercial biomass boiler system is that you may actually be eligible for regular payments from the Government, or even a free boiler system.

The Government have set targets on how much they need to lower their carbon emissions by. With industrial ventures being the main producers of carbon, it make sense that they offer some sort of incentive to get these businesses switched over to cleaner fuel sources to help them attain these targets.

This is where the Renewable Heating Incentive comes in. The RHI is a scheme whereby if your business installs a Government approved biomass heating system, they will provide you with quarterly payments for up to twenty years.

And as if that wasn't enough of an incentive, the Government have also set aside £650 million of funding this year to install new systems. Apply through us now if you are interested, but hurry as much of the funding for this year has already been dispersed. Don't miss out!

Commercial Boiler Installation in Aonachan

Most buildings are suitable to house and run a commercial boiler installation in Aonachan PH34 4 but as mentioned above they do need more space as the boilers are larger.

The clever thing about these systems is that they can either run on their own dedicated system, or they can be integrated into an existing system with ease.

However they are installed, not only will they save your company money on its energy bills, but they will also reduce its carbon footprint.

Biomass boilers are considered to be carbon neutral as the only carbon that is released is that which is stored inside the pellets that feed the system.

The carbon that is released during burning into the atmosphere is then reabsorbed by trees and plants making it a cleaner, more environmentally friendly system.

The fuel source is sustainable, unlike the old fossil fuels, as there will never be a shortage of biomass sources. Wood chippings, crops, leaves, plants, even manure are all sources of biomass, all of which are in abundance, all of which are replenishable.

Commercial Boiler System Near Me

When you think of a 'commercial' use, you might automatically think of something on a large industrial scale, but this isn't necessarily so. The type of institutions that could benefit from a commercial boiler system include housing associations, hospitals and schools.

These are just three examples where a commercial boiler system, combined with the Renewable Heating Incentive scheme, could pay dividends. For the school in particular, a commercial biomass boiler could provide money to pay for vital classroom supplies. Not only this, but it could also be used as an educational tool to teach the next generation about clean fuel sources as well.

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