Domestic Biomass Boiler

Domestic Biomass Boiler

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Domestic Biomass Boiler 

If you are interested in getting a domestic biomass boiler our team can offer you the very best rates. Biomass-energy is starting to become one of the most popular forms of clean, renewable energy that is available.

When you consider the impact that fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas have had on our environment and their recent surge in price due to their stocks dwindling, it's not hard to see why the demand for cleaner and cheaper alternatives has risen sharply.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few legitimate alternatives all contending for the title of most popular renewable energy source. However, when it comes to renewable heating sources, the most popular of them all is biomass, and with good reason too.

Domestic biomass boilers use a wood-fuelled heating system to generate clean energy. The system is fed by pellets of organic matter which are carbon neutral when burned. Some domestic biomass boilers even have self-feeding and self-cleaning systems.

Even if the system you choose does not have these options, ash production is minimal and they would only need sweeping out around once a week, so maintenance is kept to an absolute low.

They are cheap to run, cleaner for the environment, and you could benefit from financial support by installing one and the technology involved has advanced to the point where they are just as good, if not better than, the old traditional systems. So where can you get one?

To find out more about domestic boilers, please complete the enquiry form provided. Our nearby team will be able to offer you details on the prices of the boilers closest to you and in surrounding areas.

Pellet Boiler Near Me

Pellet boilers are not like charcoal briquettes, you can't just pop down to the local supermarket and put them in the trolley along with all your other shopping.

Having said that, they're not that difficult to locate either and with their popularity increasing, they are more readily available than ever before.

If you're wondering, 'Is there a pellet boiler near me?' then there's an easy way to find out. Just fill in the form below and one of our team will respond to you as soon as possible with your nearest location.

Once you've got your pellet boiler installed, you're going to need something to run it on. That's where the biomass-pellets come in.

What are Biomass Pellets?

What are biomass pellets I hear you ask? Very simply, they are biofuels made out of compressed organic matter. The pellets are made from one of the following sources; energy crops, agricultural waste, food waste, virgin lumber or industrial waste.

Compacted sawdust and waste wood products are the most popular pellets, but compacted grass, straw and corn are also very popular.

The pellets are small, about the size of a cigarette butt, and they are burned to feed the boiler. They can be manufactured to certain sizes, which makes them easier to use in self-feeding systems.

Because the pellets are more energy dense, they can burn longer than they would if they were in their natural, untreated state, making them more energy efficient.

Because they are made from natural waste products they are considered to be carbon neutral.  During the burning process, the only carbon dioxide that is burned is that which was already stored within the pellet.

The trees and plants absorb this carbon dioxide and the cycle continues uninterrupted, creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly source of fuel. 

It's worth noting that if you are thinking of installing a biomass boiler and wish to profit from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (see below for more details), then you have to buy your pellets from a Government approved source.

If you're thinking of buying the pellets in bulk to keep costs down even further, then it's worth checking where your local stockist is, as the further they have to be transported the more chance you have of offsetting any potential profits you would be making from the scheme in the first place. 

Biomass Boiler Grants

The Government have set themselves targets to substantially reduce their carbon emissions and to do this they need our help.

That's why the Renewable Heat Incentive, or RHI for short, was set up by the Government to encourage people to use more environmentally friendly heating sources.

The biomass boiler grants scheme is available to anyone living in England, Scotland and Wales, with a separate scheme for Northern Ireland. Essentially, if your system meets the requirements set forth by the Government, they will make regular quarterly payments to you for seven years.

The scheme is regulated by OFGEM, so you know that the scheme is of the highest standard and the payments are from a credible source.

The scheme has proved extremely popular, with thousands and thousands of people currently signed up to it. The Government also recently announced plans to increase the amounts that they pay out and are due to come into force in October 2017.

For instance, current biomass boiler users will now benefit from an additional 52% compared to their current payments. That's a huge increase, especially of your system generates a lot of heat.

Along with biomass boilers, you can also use ground source heat pumps and others.

As long as you're a homeowner and your property is well insulated, you could stand to make a tidy sum, all while saving money on your heating bills and doing your part to save the environment at the same time.  For more details, please fill in our contact box. 

BioFuel Boiler Near Me

If the idea of offsetting your carbon footprint, lowering your heating bills and getting paid for the privilege sounds appealing, you're going to want to know where you can find one of these boilers.

Just search for 'BioFuel boilers near me' or get in touch with us and we can provide not only the correct information for you, but we can make recommendations on the different systems that are available based on your individual needs.

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