Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator

Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator

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RHI Rates

RHI Rates

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RHI Calculator

RHI Calculator

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Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator

If you are interested to find out about renewable heat incentive calculator make certain to read on. It's no big secret that our traditional methods of heating are not very good for our environment.

Sources such as coal, natural gas and oil have been useful and abundant enough that, up until around twenty years ago at least, we didn't think twice about burning them.

Now that supplies are starting to dwindle rapidly and we see the damaging affect that they have had on our fragile ecosystem, we've had to take a serious look at alternative, cleaner methods to provide for our needs instead.

Of course, the technology to implement this had to be created first.

A potential stumbling block with creating new technology to harness these more environmentally sound sources was the expense. It cost a lot of money to design, build and implement the technology required to make these alternative sources financially viable and stable for in the future and investors were naturally cautious at first.

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Thankfully, the technologies were a success and they attracted a lot of funding and attention. By 2015, over 25% of the United Kingdom's electricity came from renewable-sources, exceeding coal production for the first time.

Generating and sustaining clean, reliable, efficient energy is now as cost effective, if not more effective, than fossil fuels ever were.

To continue this exciting momentum moving forward and to encourage others to join the clean energy revolution, RHI was introduced, along with the RHI calculator, to give people true figures on how much they stand to save by switching to these alternative methods. 

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What is RHI?

So, what is the RHI exactly? Renewable Heat Incentive, or RHI for short, is a Government financial incentive scheme that is designed to promote and reward the use of renewable-heat sources.

By encouraging people to switch to using heating systems that naturally replenish their fuel source, the Government are trying to help themselves meet their own renewable-energy targets and decrease our carbon emissions.

Essentially, if you have a system that the Government approve of, they will make quarterly payments to you for up to seven years.

They are actively incentivising these clean heating systems, so the cleaner and greener your property is, the more money you stand to make, all the while reducing your carbon footprint.

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RHI Rates Near Me

RHI rates will vary depending on the type of renewable-heating source that you have. The good news is that interest in these systems has become so popular that the Government have just announced a price increase for the rate of pay you can expect to receive.

So for example, if your home has biomass stoves and boilers, you used to get a flat rate of 4.28 pence per kWh (kilowatt hour). Thanks to the newly announced tarrifs, that figure has now increased to 6.54 pence per kWh. That's a huge 52% increase in payment for using exactly the same equipment.

Renewable-heat-incentive rates are set by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), formerly known as the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and are regulated by OFGEM, so you know that the figure you are being quoted comes from a reputable source.

RHI Calculator can provide you with an accurate figure, or get in touch by filling in the form below and we can help you figure out what you may be entitled to. For more information, please contact our team by filling in the contact form provided.

Renewable Heat Incentive 

The renewable heat incentive isn't reliant one just one form of renewable-energy. In fact there are quite a few sources that the Government will accept as a viable system.

Biomass boilers and stoves, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar thermal are all forms of renewable-heating that the Government accepts on the scheme.

The beauty of this scheme is that, not only are you reducing your own carbon footprint and heating your home in a responsible, clean and renewable way, you're also getting paid for seven years to do it.

Thousands and thousands of people are already receiving money every quarter for doing just this, so why not become a part of the incentive scheme and start saving not only the planet but your pocket too.

Non-Domestic RHI

The RHI has two different schemes, the first one for domestic RHI, the second one is for non-domestic RHI. This scheme is designed to encourage businesses, non-profit organisations and the public sector to participate in renewable-heat systems.

The scheme is available in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and it pays just as the domestic heat incentive does, every quarter. But the big difference with the non-domestic version is that is pays out for twenty years instead of the domestic version's seven years.

So if your commercial renewable-heat system ( is large enough, you could potentially be generating big sums of money, money that you wouldn't be getting if you were to stay with an older, non-renewing system.

How much could you actually earn from applying for the scheme? The best way to answer that is to use the RHI calculator; we can offer this service - simply get in touch now.

RHI Calculator Near Me 

If the idea of getting paid to generate clean, renewable-heat energy has struck a chord with you, then why not use the RHI calculator. The RHI calculator can give you an accurate figure of how much money your heating system could generate for you.

The calculator can provide information for both domestic and non-domestic enquiries, so why not enter your figures now. Alternatively, get in touch with us and we will gladly guide you through the process. 

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