Biomass Energy in Craigavon

Biomass Energy in Craigavon

We are specialists when it comes to biomass energy and we can offer you the very best services at reasonable prices.

Biomass Energy Companies in Craigavon

Biomass Energy Companies in Craigavon

There are a range of biomass energy companies across the United Kingdom, but it is important to be aware who you are dealing with.

Biomass Sources in Craigavon

Biomass Sources in Craigavon

We have a range of knowledge when it comes to biomass sources and we can get you the very best for your money.

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Biomass Energy in Craigavon

We are experts in the field of biomass energy and can provide you with the best facilities at a fair cost.

There are several biomass energy companies operating in the United Kingdom, but it is important to know who you are dealing with.

We have a wide range of experience with biomass sources and can help you get the most bang for your buck.

Biomass energy in Craigavon BT67 0 is becoming an increasingly popular choice for providing an alternative fuel source to traditional gas and coal solutions.

The need to try and steer our dependency away from burning fossil fuels towards a cleaner, more environmentally friendly source has never been more of a priority than it is now.     

The increase in global warming and industry means we should all be doing our part to offset our carbon footprint and decrease our carbon debt from the unavoidable carbon cycle.

But let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if we could save the planet and a bit of money along the way, now would it?

So how does biomass energy fit into the seemingly over-saturated market and net emissions? How is it obtained from combined heat and power plants? Is it sustainable as a way to generate electricity?

Is there enough investment in it to make it a viable option?

And most importantly, does it actually work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon debt?

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Types of Renewable Energy

Burning biomass is only one source of clean energy; there are many other types of renewable energy resources.

Solar power is probably the source most people would mention if they had to name a renewable form of energy source.

Solar panels collect energy from the sun’s rays which can then be converted in a few different ways. Its main disadvantage is that they are not yet powerful enough to power everything in our modern society.

Wind power is another viable option. The power of the wind is used to drive a turbine and this turbine can then convert the wind energy to generate electricity.

Its main disadvantage is the sheer size of area coverage needed to produce any significant quantity of renewable electricity.

Hydroelectricity is the other main source of renewable energy, but it is not nearly as sustainable as the other options as most of the few available places in the world where this method would be effective are already taken.

Although these other sources are all environmentally sound, biomass energy has the upper hand for a few quite a few reasons. Click this link for more details on renewable energy

What is Biomass Energy?

Put simply, it is the energy that is generated from burning raw organic waste or biomass feedstock. Once the waste is burned it can be converted into clean products such as steam, biodiesel and biofuels.

It can also be converted into gasses such as ethanol and methane, and of course, electricity. These products can then be used in either a residential, industrial or agricultural setting.

The reason biomass energy is considered a clean fuel is because it is carbon neutral. A process known as photosynthesis takes place when a plant or tree absorbs energy from the sun and stores it.

When that tree or plant is burned as part of making biofuel, the carbon that was stored in it is reabsorbed back into the atmosphere, allowing photosynthesis to continue.

This is the only carbon dioxide that is released and this is why it is considered to be so environmentally friendly and perfect for energy efficiency.

The other upside to all of this is that the products that are produced are all very cheap to use, so you could potentially save money while helping the environment.

Where is Biomass Energy Found?

Biomass is an environmentally friendly feedstock of chemicals and energy. Biomass feedstocks can come from animal waste or any organic materials from plants and animals.

Wood, in the form of logs, chips, bark, and sawdust, accounts for roughly 44% of biomass energy. Any organic matter, on the other hand, can generate biomass energy.

Agricultural waste products such as fruit pits and corncobs may also be used as biomass sources to create energy. Electricity is produced using wood and wood waste.

How Does Biomass Energy Work?

Chemical energy can be found in biomass. When wood, a biomass fuel, is burned, the chemical energy inside is released as heat. It can also be used to generate steam, which can then be used to power a generator.

When these biomass plants and biomass fuels decompose, they are burned, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

How Available is Biomass Energy Worldwide?

Biomass is one of the renewable energy sources that are both clean and efficient. The sun provides the initial energy, and plants or algae biomass will regenerate in a relatively short period of time.

How available is biomass energy worldwide

Trees, crops, and urban solid waste are all available on a regular basis and can be handled in a sustainable manner.

One of the biomass advantages is that it can be harnessed from any plant or animal material.

How is Biomass Energy Being Used in the UK?

Biomass now generates 11% of the electricity in the United Kingdom. That's according to the Renewable Energy Association (REA), which says it's enough to fuel four Sizewell B nuclear power plants.

Many power plants in the United Kingdom have turned to compressed wood pellets as a renewable energy source, which helps to minimize carbon emissions.

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Biomass Power Plant Near Me

Let’s start with the power plant itself. How does a biomass power plant extract the energy that it produces from its source material?

Today’s biomass power plants are extremely energy-efficient and they obtain energy from raw organic waste material.

This can be anything from grass clippings to wood chips, dead leaves, crops and even manure. As long as there’s an organic component, it can be used to be converted into fuel, including liquid fuels.

Biomass energy in Craigavon BT67 0 is derived from burning these waste materials to produce heat.

The heat from this combustion is used to power a boiler; the boiler then converts the heat into hot water or steam.

Finally, the steam is used to power a turbine which generates electricity.

These various processes of obtaining energy can be turned into heat, electricity, biofuels and steam, all of which are environmentally friendly, all are renewable.

Biomass Energy Companies Near Me

The amount of biomass energy companies operating around the world has expanded exponentially recently.

In the last five years alone, a whopping eight hundred plants have gone online with another nine thousand due to be constructed within the next few years.

This unprecedented increase clearly tells us a number of things;

  1. Biomass energy is popular.
  2. Because it is not weather-dependent like solar, wind or water, it is reliable.
  3. It has helped countries all across the globe to hit targets for reducing their carbon footprint.
  4. It is being invested heavily as a viable resource for the future.

All these points lead us to one inevitable conclusion; biomass energy is the fuel of the future.

Biomass Sources in Craigavon

The huge advantage that biomass energy has over its rivals is the abundance of the source material. More pros and cons can be seen here:

Vast sources of waste products that would have otherwise gone into a landfill can be used to generate power instead.

Biomass sources can be found wherever you look and, as they are constantly regenerating themselves, they will never run out.

Sources can be found in places as diverse as the wood off-cuts and chippings ( from lumber yards or twigs and leaves from the forests themselves. 

A farm can be a huge provider, with biomass sources such as grass trimmings, old crops and even dead animals and animal manure all being able to be used in the biomass process. 

The exciting thing about biomass is that the whole process is completely sustainable.

Coal, natural oil and gas have always been in abundant supply, but experts are in agreement that these resources have started to dwindle dramatically and will be gone forever in a short period of time.

Some believe that oil and natural gas supplies will be used up within fifty years. Biomass, on the other hand, is completely sustainable, kind to the environment as it is carbon neutral, and will never run out.

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