Biomass Wood Pellets

Biomass Wood Pellets

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Wood Pellets for Sale

Wood Pellets for Sale

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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

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Biomass Wood Pellets 

Biomass wood pellets have played an integral part in changing how we think about how we fuel our heating systems. Fossil fuels are rapidly being phased out and are being seen as the by-product of an age that damaged the environment almost to breaking point.

But don't think this is your only option - you can also find out more about heat pumps from ground sources.

Thanks to rapid industrial expansion, the carbon produced from burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal was enough to clog up our atmosphere and give rise to global warming and unprecedented levels of carbon pollution.

This started to change around twenty years ago with the countries of the United Nations coming together to discuss and implement tougher sanctions on each nation's carbon output.

Since then we have had treaties such as The Copenhagen Accord, The Kyoto Protocol, and The Paris Agreement to name but a few, all with the sole intention of making our atmosphere less polluted, and with a commitment to seeking out new sources of clean energy.

These treaties have helped to usher in a new age of technology to response to these ideas, with clean, renewable energy slowly starting to overtake some of the fossil fuel alternatives.

In 2015, 25% of the United Kingdom's electricity came from renewable sources, surpassing coal demand for the very first time.

Biomass technology has come to the forefront and is now so efficient and cost effective that the Government have set up a scheme to encourage people to help them to meet their emission targets by paying them to invest in this sort of system.

Biomass wood pellet boiler sales have increased year on year because they are effective on both a domestic and commercial scale, they reduce fuel bills by as much as 80%, and they are carbon neutral.

But, what is involved with installing such a system? If you would like more information on biomass wood pellets make certain to get in touch.

Wood Pellets for Sale Near Me 

Wood-pellets are an integral part of a biomass boiler. We understand that homes and businesses all have individual needs and requirements for the size of their systems, which is why we offer wood-pellets for sale in differing quantities and at the best prices.

Our wood-pellets are for sale in quantities as small as a shopping bag and we can even provide all the way up to tonnage capacity for larger scale operations. Fill in the form below or get in touch and we can go through our comprehensive price guide with you.

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Wood Pellet Boiler

Wood-pellet boilers are available in a multitude of different combinations. Maintenance is kept to a minimum as there is very little involved with day-to-day running. Most new systems are fully automated, requiring no maintenance other than an annual check-up.

Even with those systems that aren't fully automated, ash production is minimal, so the system only requires it to be swept out once a week.

It's worth noting that they work extremely well on a domestic level, but can also be installed in somewhere as large as a school or a hospital and still be just as effective.

The initial cost of installation can be high, and the amount of space that is needed is more than a conventional heating system as there needs to be somewhere for the wood-pellets to be stored, but once the boiler is in place you'll start saving money straight away.

A wood-pellet boiler can be used either to power its own dedicated system, or they are adaptable enough that they can be used in combination with a pre-existing system. Whichever combination you use, a wood-pellet boiler is a serious contender for a viable financial investment.

Wood Pellets Near Me 

Thanks to the boilers running so efficiently, demand for wood-pellets has increased exponentially over the last few years. As the need for wood-pellets has increased, their price has actually come down to meet with the demand.

Our local team can offer details on the wood-pellets and our nearby experts closest to you and in surrounding areas can offer details on the costs involved.

Wood-pellets tend to come in a uniform size (roughly the size of a cigarette butt) to make it easier for automated boiler systems to use. They are made from compacted sawdust and other waste timber products and have a high calorific value.

Put simply, because the material is so densely compacted, it burns for longer than it would in its natural state.

This has two advantages;

  1. it makes them extremely cost effective
  2. it also helps to reduce the amount of carbon that is sent into the atmosphere, making it a clean, reliable and sustainable fuel source.

Wood Chip Boiler 

Wood-chip boilers work in a similar way to wood-pellet boilers in that they both use wood-waste to power the boilers. The main differences are that the chips are not a uniform size like the pellets are, and they are generally used to heat larger properties. Wood chip boilers are like their wood-pellet counterparts in that they regularly achieve over 90% in efficiency ratings.

We can offer more information on the wood-chip boiler that we have available. If you are interested in the installation of one of these boilers, make certain to complete the contact form provided and we will reply right away.

Domestic Wood Pellet Boilers

Domestic wood-pellet boilers are now extremely popular, particularly with new-build properties, because they are so cost and energy efficient.

They vary in size and levels of automation depending on the size of property and the amount of energy you need to generate to heat your home.

The one thing they do have in common is, once they are installed, your energy bills start to rapidly become lower. If your system meets with Government approval via the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI), then you could also benefit from quarterly payments for up to seven years just for having a renewable heating system.

Your carbon footprint would be lower, your bills would be lower, and you could also be making an income just by heating your home.

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